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Coolfire Solutions | The Ronin Platform

Right Data. Right Hands. Right Now.

  • Right Data.

    Bridge and visualize information from video, sensors, or legacy software to fill in the gaps in your operational picture.

  • Right Hands.

    Communicate top-down and bottom-up. No matter who you are, or where you are, visualize your assets and communicate without disruption.

  • Right Now.

    Chat live with voice or text. Track users and assets in real-time. Ronin is built for the now.

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We believe in showing, not telling.
See how The Ronin Platform works firsthand.

There is a difference between having a lot of data and having the
            right data.
The Ronin Platform accelerates outcomes in any industry.

Right Data

There is a difference between having a lot of data and having the right data.

When it comes to modernizing data and innovating your business, the difference between accessing information and acting on information is immeasurable. RONIN integrates relevant operational data from the systems you already have in place to drive real results. 

Right Hands

The best decisions are made when the right decision maker is included.

Unlock latent value in your business by including decision makers at the edge of operations. RONIN enhances situational awareness to improve efficiency, breaking down inefficient workflows and data silos.

Right Now

Put an end to data delays and cumbersome process flows.

Now is the moment. Accelerate to dramatically improved outcomes with RONIN’s integrative features. RONIN is mobile to offer real-time visibility and can instantly disseminate accurate information across your business landscape. 

Improve operational efficiency in unsuspecting places.

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The Ronin Platform accelerates outcomes in any industry.
RONIN works to keep your people and assets safe.

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The Ronin Platform accelerates outcomes in any industry.

We’re proud to work with industry leaders.

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How Ronin is Shaping the Future of the Rental Car Business

The Coolfire Leadership Team

  • Don Sharp, CEO

    Don Sharp


    Don leads the entire Coolfire team — from strategy to execution.

  • Michael Leopold, EVP Strategic Accounts

    Michael Leopold

    EVP Strategic Accounts

    Michael leads growth and delivery for our most important clients.

  • Michael Biviano, Principal Architect & Engineer

    Michael Biviano

    Principal Architect & Engineer

    Mike leads development and engineering.

  • John Dames, CTO

    John Dames


    John leads the strategic direction of our products.

  • Tom Blondi, Chief Revenue Officer

    Tom Blondi

    Chief Revenue Officer

    Tom leads our revenue generation processes.

  • David Levinson, Chief Financial Officer

    David Levinson

    Chief Financial Officer

    Dave leads daily strategic financial, legal, HR and other administrative operations.

At Coolfire Solutions, we create, design and innovate at the edge because we thirst for progress — the kind of progress that transforms life and business in a meaningful way. We embrace ingenuity to get the job done. We sprint for milestones to quickly show returns. With the right information in the right hands right now, action can be taken and innovation spurred.

The Ronin Platform was developed to maximize the value of existing technology by intelligently integrating data yielded from all sources to minimize the gaps in your operational picture. 

Coolfire Solutions is currently hiring for the positions listed here. Our culture is very important to us and we like to think we have a fun, dynamic workplace that appeals to everyone.

Please check out our job listings and apply if you think you would make a great addition to our team.