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Coolfire Solutions | The Ronin Platform

The Ronin Platform: Situational Awareness for Every Industry


    Bridge and visualize information from video, sensors, or legacy software to fill in the gaps in your operational picture.


    Communicate top-down and bottom-up. No matter who you are, or where you are, visualize your assets and communicate without disruption.


    Chat live with voice or text. Track users and assets in real-time. Ronin is built for the now.

Ronin Delivers Transparency to Transportation

  • Location-Centric

    Always know who or what is near your drivers, routes or destinations. Create new opportunities for dynamic tasking.

  • Messaging

    Communication between users or groups of users with text, images, video and audio.

  • Connecting to Customers

    Keep your customer up-to-date on delivery status, instantly inform them of any changes or dynamically offer assistance based on their needs or concerns.

Ronin Delivers a Proactive Response to Public Safety

  • Integration

    Leverage your existing investments in cameras, alarms and sensors to create new opportunities and workflows.

  • Geospatial Intelligence

    Empower decision making by visualizing operations directly on a map - access people, assets and sensors directly from within Ronin.

  • Multi-Directional Communication

    Provide a direct connection between the public and security to stop problems before they become an emergency.

Ronin Delivers Connectivity to Utilities

  • Common Operational Picture

    Track multiple operations by location, crew or even time-to-completion to better understand current status or future needs.

  • Mobile Tasking

    Connect crews with work orders, complete with routing and relevant data, to ensure work is done safely and efficiently.

  • Foreign Work Crews

    Connect foreign work crews when you need them most. Ronin provides the tools they need such as communications, routing, location of assets, and reporting.

Ronin Delivers Secure Communications for our Government

  • Collaboration

    Ronin provides a secure and robust communications architecture that can use chat, voice and other tools. Share critical data, location and even telestration through a real-time Common Operating Picture.

  • Sensor to Soldier

    Access raw sensor data from a range of devices. Increase operator awareness and access to critical sensor information.

  • Integration

    The Ronin Platform can operate over a wide range of radios and SATCOM networks, breathing new life and purpose into legacy equipment.

We believe in showing, not telling.
See how The Ronin Platform works firsthand.

There is a difference between having a lot of data and having the
            right data.
The Ronin Platform accelerates outcomes in any industry.

Right Data


There is a difference between having a lot of data and having the right data.


When it comes to modernizing data and innovating your business, the difference between accessing information and acting on information is immeasurable. Ronin integrates relevant operational data from the systems you already have in place to drive real results. 

Right Hands


The best decisions are made when the right decision maker is included.


Unlock latent value in your business by including decision makers at the edge of operations. Ronin enhances situational awareness to improve efficiency, breaking down inefficient workflows and data silos.

Right Now


Put an end to data delays and cumbersome process flows.


Now is the moment. Accelerate to dramatically improved outcomes with Ronin’s integrative features. RONIN is mobile to offer real-time visibility and can instantly disseminate accurate information across your business landscape. 

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