Collaboration on the move.

Make it easy for your fast-moving team to get organized and get more done. Coolfire Core is the fastest way to collaborate with your teams in the field.

No more searching for emails and to-do lists.

Your team’s moving fast, and they need information in real-time. Get your field teams organized around the work. Coolfire Core combines the best parts of project management, chat tools, tasking systems, and workflow–without all of the hassles.

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Collaboration for fast-moving teams.

Deliver exceptional quality, on-time, every time. Core makes it easy for mobile teams to do their jobs. Your teams in the field quickly connect to the tasks, messages, and workflow to do great work together. See more Coolfire Core features »

Operations teams working better together

Teams large and small depend on Coolfire’s collaboration technology to get more done.

See your old jobs in a new way with Sessions.

Discover an entirely new way to work together – the Session. From deliveries to customer services, like a repair or installation, Sessions keeps your teams organized and on task.


Message, chat, and share in context to the job at hand. No more searching through emails, task lists, and messages to understand what the team is up to.


Core makes it easy to see and share things like location, status, and messages, or send notifications and alerts – all in context to the job at hand.


Built to support the way people naturally work, Core enables collaboration around the tasks and workflow critical to keeping operations on track.


See the history of a job through your team’s interactions within a Session, including forms, chat, and tasks, to better understand your business operations.

The who, what, when, and where of work

Having real-time insight into opportunities or disruptions can make all the difference to your customers. Core Sessions connect your team to the people, information, and location to ensure the job is done right–every time.

What team is working on it?

Where is the team?

How is your team doing?

When will work be done?

“After a very lengthy and exhaustive search, we found partnering with Coolfire gave us the flexibility to streamline our complex operations while supporting our unique processes for delivering exceptional customer service.”

Mark Sanner

VP, Operations, American Expediting

“Coolfire Core is mission-critical for our operations. We depend on them during life and death scenarios. Thankfully, they are there when we need them most.”

Hemmersbach Rhino Force

Anti-Poaching Organization, South Africa

Coolfire has been an invaluable partner in our critical journey to automate tracking, visibility, and collaboration for last-mile logistics. 

Gary Vinson

CFO/COO, Ready Set

Getting the right digital tools in place has significantly cut down on manual processes in the field.

Mark Foran

Managing Director, Glenline Telecoms

Learn more about workstream collaboration

See how frontline operations teams are using workstream collaboration tech for operational communication and task coordination. 

5 Emerging Workstream Collaboration Trends [Blog]

These are critical opportunities for WSC as collaboration tools accelerate and organizations look to reduce “noise” for employees who are inundated by too many pings and notifications–simply not relevant for the work at hand.

Workstream Collaboration in Freight and Logistics [Podcast]

Mark Rogers, CRO at Coolfire, sat down with Chris Jolly (aka #TheFreightCoach) to discuss the impacts of using workstream collaboration tools in the freight industry.
Gartner Hype Cycle for Frontline Worker Technologies

Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Frontline Worker Technologies, 2021

Coolfire is recognized in the 2021 Gartner Hype Cycle for Frontline Worker Technology report. Download the free 60-page report.