Workstream collaboration software that eliminates the barriers between your operations teams and real-time decisions.

Give your teams the visibility and tools they need to respond to operational events. Faster.

Connected teams see events as they happen. Working from a common operational picture, collaborating teams, make better decisions, and respond quickly. With process support from beginning to end, and app interfaces designed with industry-specific functionality – Coolfire delivers information optimized for decision making – real-time.

Built with easy to learn and adopt UI/UX.
Open source apps tailored to respond to business-specific needs.
Built with open standards for data and device agnostics.
Scales to fit any operational challenge - small or large.


Collaboration. Your new competitive advantage.

Knowing what's going on in the operational world (relative to role and location) at any given time is called situational awareness. As a core component of our system, it's connectivity that fosters informed conversations, team-driven culture, and collaborative successes.

Build on existing systems.
Leverage your existing infrastructure to make the most of the structured and unstructured data you're already using.
Streamline data sources.
We pioneered the tech that allows users to share data, workflows, and communications from multiple sources, through a single interactive screen.
Utilize resources for increased efficiency.
Ensure team utilization and asset effectiveness through improved task status visibility.
Reach decisions without delay.
Define and orchestrate cross-functional teams for fast and accurate decision making from any location.
Govern and safeguard your system.
Monitor enterprise data usage, capture event streams, and document team responses in real-time.

Success Stories

Reshaping the Future: The Business of Renting Cars

Enterprise Rent-A-Car

CHALLENGE: Streamline the rental process to elevate and enhance the customer experience.

Delivering an excellent customer experience is core to the Enterprise business model. As a result, they knew every minute spent managing a process was a missed opportunity to better serve a customer.

Enterprise Rent-A-Car partnered with Coolfire to help them execute their digital transformation strategy. By leveraging the existing infrastructure and data within the Enterprise ecosystem, Coolfire provided the real-time collaboration tools and apps to allow frontline reps to serve a customer better.

TIMEFRAME: 4 months

RESULT: A network of real-time collaboration apps transformed customer transactions into customer interactions. By focusing more time on the customer’s needs, Enterprise employees were able to reduce the time to process a rental transaction in half and the company saw a return on their investment in less than a year.

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What is Workstream Collaboration?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the applications editable?

Yes, apps available from Coolfire are open source and fully editable. Leverage Coolfire’s intelligent core service to extend or build your own real-time app.

Is there a minimum company size this is tailored for?

Not really. The core of our software works regardless of size. We have scaled up enterprise solutions with thousands of daily users, while smaller organizations have tailored our open-source apps to meet their needs.

What is the lead time? How fast can you build?

Depends on the scope and customization needed – skilled devs can deploy solutions in days or even hours, while other projects take months.

What is the technology behind the software?

The Coolfire core system contains real-time collaboration apps and services. At the center of Coolfire is our intelligent core services that power real-time communications and data sharing. Real-time collaboration apps sit on top of the web services and are how users interact with Coolfire. Additional system, data, and sensor integration APIs available.