Defeat operational chaos.

Coolfire Core is flexible work management software built for fast-moving collaboration. Digitize your manual processes, get work organized, and get your operations under control. 

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One tool. Endless uses. 

Operations teams use Coolfire Core to get their unique tasks, workflows, and communications organized. Explore how fast-moving teams use Coolfire Core to control chaos across a variety of use cases. 

From chaos to calm.

Work in one system. Communication in another. Undefined processes everywhere. Critical operations run in a spreadsheet.

There’s chaos in the most well run operations teams. Coolfire Core takes a different approach to organizing tasks, workflows, and communication–inside and outside your organization.  Synchronize data from existing systems creating unique 360-degree views of your work and the tools for everyone to collaborate.


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Everything you need to
build exceptional experiences

Get your entire team working together. Simplify how you manage tasks, communication, and workflows inside and outside your organization. Coolfire Core’s quick-to-configure toolset lets you easily build operational experiences your team, customers, and partners will love. 

Ops Design Tools

Coolfire Core’s flexible approach lets you build experiences for everyone–inside and outside your organization. One software system supports all operational use cases.


Create command and control interfaces, allowing your HQ teams to stay on top of every job at scale. Create unique UIs for unique use cases. 

Teams in the field

Let your field teams naturally work their way. Build optimized UIs to streamline the tasks and communication most important to teams on-the-go. 

For your customers

Easily extend work outside your four walls. In-the-loop customer experiences give them the visibility and control to keep satisfaction levels high.

From all over the place, to one place

Digitize your tasks and workflow to manage your entire end-to-end operations. Manage task lists, workflows, schedules, and communication in the same place. You’ll cut hassle time in half.

Key Features

  • Digital task lists
  • Dynamic workflows
  • Organized operational data
Real-time Operational Visibility
Track your operations

Track the things that matter

Understand what is happening as it happens. Get notified when your team needs help or jobs are at risk. Extract operational insights to guarantee you’ll deliver right and on time.

Key Features

  • Operational visibility
  • Alerts & notifications
  • Custom dashboards
Track military field operations

Born out of service to the US Military

Today, Coolfire helps every organization quickly assess, share, and act upon time-sensitive information as it happens. Leverage our experience and patented situational awareness technology helping fast-moving teams execute at the highest level. 

Situational awareness systems and methods patents
U.S. Patent No. 10,136,296,
U.S. Patent No. 10,652,723,
U.S. Patent No. 10,893,402,
U.S. Patent No. 11,206,524,
U.S. Patent No. 11,228,892

Create cross-team alignment, simplified

Keep HQ in sync with your frontline teams. Feed your team the info they need as they need it. Built-in tools enable on-the-fly problem-solving, all while keeping everyone informed. 

Key Features

  • Mobile-ready digital forms
  • Real-time collaboration tools
  • Customer alerts & communication

Automate your manual processes

Stop wasting time on repetitive tasks—automate processes from HQ to the field and back. Build an operating system that keeps your teams moving forward and working on the most critical tasks. Unlock real-time insights and build custom dashboards to optimize your ops.

Coolfire Core Integration Automation

How teams use
Coolfire Core to manage operational chaos

Organize your fast-moving team’s tasks, communication, and workflow and work better together. Get your operations under control and accelerate growth with Core.

  • Digitize & automate manual workflows
  • Understand what’s happening
  • Capture data in the field as it happens
  • Share tasks and communicate directly with customers, partners, and vendors.

Connect your existing data

Extend your existing system data to accelerate decision-making from HQ and into the field. Connect via API or a simple spreadsheet to get started.


Unify your people, data, and tasks

Organize your team's work. Coordinate task lists, workflows, schedules, and communication for faster, better decisions.


Gain true operational visibility

Seeing the job gets done right the first time eliminates status harassment. Keep jobs on track and extract operational insights to make better decisions.


Get jobs done faster

As your team executes, enable frictionless data collection in the field to feed HQ. Use built-in collaboration tools to work together when jobs aren't as expected.


Connect customers, partners, and vendors

Track the end-to-end workflow by easily sharing job details outside your four walls. Assign tasks, communicate, and collect data from customers, vendors, or partners. Get updates from external people in the same place.

Teams large and small depend on Coolfire

See how teams across industries depend on Coolfire to control their chaos. Explore our case studies. 

"After a very lengthy and exhaustive search, we found partnering with Coolfire gave us the flexibility to streamline our complex operations while supporting our unique processes for delivering exceptional customer service.”

Mark Sanner

VP, Operations, American Expediting
"For the first time, we have full, real-time visibility and updates from ALL of our carriers on the move.”

Erica Martinez

Acme Distribution

"Coolfire Core is mission-critical for our operations. We depend on them during life and death scenarios. Thankfully, they are there when we need them most.”

Hemmersbach Rhino Force

Anti-Poaching Organization, South Africa

"Coolfire has been an invaluable partner in our critical journey to automate tracking, visibility, and collaboration for last-mile logistics. 

Gary Vinson

CFO/COO, Ready Set

"Getting the right digital tools in place has significantly cut down on manual processes in the field.

Mark Foran

Managing Director, Glenline Telecoms

"Coolfire helped us achieve our innovation goals of transforming a customer transaction into a customer interaction.

Enterprise Holdings

VP, Product Operations 

We’re here to help you build and execute your vision

Controlling the chaos is a challenging feat. Our dedicated Customer Success managers are here for you every step of the way. Our team guides you through planning, building custom onboarding plans, and delivering top-notch support.


Defeat chaos. Get your team working better together.

Make it easier for your teams on the move to stay connected to the critical information they need to do their jobs.
Try Core for free, or talk to one of our product experts.

Learn how teams are managing operational chaos.

See how frontline operations teams use collaborative work management tech for operational communication and task coordination.

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