About Us


Founded in 2010, Coolfire Solutions is a St. Louis-based software company known for creating the Ronin Platform, a real-time situational awareness delivery platform. With over 50 employees, Coolfire Solutions is a proud contributor to the growing presence of tech expertise in the Midwest.


The Ronin Platform was originally developed for the U.S. Military who needed to deliver sensitive data to special operations troops deployed in remote areas. Limited to hand-held radios for communication, these soldiers relied on Coolfire Solutions to receive mission-critical data from aircraft flying overhead. This data provided what the military calls situational awareness, a complete understanding of one’s surroundings relative to the mission at hand. After developing multiple situational awareness solutions for the military, Coolfire Solutions recognized similar data needs in other industries. For instance, most companies struggle to distribute the right data to the right people. And most employees need data right now, not later. This is why the Ronin Platform was created and is now being widely adopted by industry leaders in transportation, public safety, utilities, and government.


At Coolfire Solutions, we create, design and innovate at the edge because we thirst for progress. The kind of progress that transforms life and business in a meaningful way. We embrace ingenuity to get the job done. We sprint for milestones to quickly show returns. With the right information in the right hands right now, action can be taken, and innovation can be spurred.

  • Don Sharp
    Chief Executive Officer

    Don leads the entire Coolfire team — from strategy to execution.
  • David Corsaut
    Chief Operating Officer

    David leads day-to-day operations & performance.
  • John Dames
    Chief Technology Officer

    John leads the strategic direction of our products.
  • Mark Rogers
    Chief Revenue Officer

    Mark leads our global sales team and ecosystem strategy.
  • David Levinson
    Chief Financial Officer

    Dave leads strategic financial, legal, HR and other administrative operations.
  • Michael Leopold
    EVP Strategic Accounts

    Michael leads growth and delivery for our clients.
  • Michael Biviano
    Principal Architect & Engineer

    Mike leads development and engineering.

Coolfire Solutions is currently hiring for the positions listed here. Our culture is very important to us and we like to think we have a fun, dynamic workplace that appeals to everyone.

Please check out our job listings and apply if you think you would make a great addition to our team.