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Coolfire’s RONIN SA Platform delivers real-time situation information, enabling commanders and deployed teams to create a Common Operational Picture (COP).


RONIN is mobile-optimized to complement ATAK deployments with customizable features to individual users and roles.

Ease of Use
  • US export controlled, designated under ITAR
  • Difficult and cost prohibitive to deploy
  • Requires extensive training and frequent familiarization
  • Multiple layers/overlays and menus are difficult to operate under stress
  • Limited plugins generic to user type
  • Specific to US Government requirements and SOPs
  • Only supports English
  • Optimized for deployment with US Special Operations Forces working in small patrols
  • Becomes prohibitive for larger control sizes due to screen congestion and geo-reference complexity
  • Requires an advanced processor and operating system
  • Android OS struggles to support full ATAK capabilities and freezes during video play
  • Not export controlled (Non-ITAR)
  • Classified as a commercial product
  • Can complement ATAK deployments through CoT/PLI interoperability
  • Requires just 30 min of training with an intuitive UI for ease of use
  • Simplified menu structure and icon-based functions
  • Customizable to individual users and roles
  • Missions (Sessions) can be customized based on organizational needs
  • Supports native languages
  • Scalable to user organization based on pre-configured Sessions and Networks
  • Multiple markers can be denoted as group markers to avoid screen congestion
  • Natively built to Android OS capabilities
  • Can support the full range of commercially available devices with a simplified UI

A complete, ready-to-deploy situational awareness package

Operational visibility

Get a common operational picture

Provide a complete SA package for expeditionary operations, interoperable with in-service radio systems for deployment with coalition partners and indigenous forces.

Coolfire Core Timeline View
Seamless sharing

Coordinate and track responses

Interface with third-party radios, sensors, and SA systems and get critical updates for each role, presence, and location.

Case Study

US Army ATAK Interoperability

Coolfire’s RONIN SA Platform supported the US Army at AEWE to provide interoperability to ATAK and Nett Warrior.

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