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Coolfire Core helps fast-moving teams get more done. Read our blog on how new Core product features help teams defeat operational chaos by organizing tasks, communication, and workflow. Help your teams make better decisions faster.

Share Links are the Easiest Way to Share Work

Getting your entire team on the same page can be well a lot of work. Who is working on what? When's it due? Was it done right? As if keeping up with your employees wasn't hard enough, the problem explodes when you start throwing contractors, customers, and vendors...

Coolfire’s New Mobile App for Frontline Team Collaboration Launch

Let's break down the release of our new mobile application designed for frontline teams. What's new? Our latest version of the app expands collaboration capabilities to mobile teams, giving them the power to quickly find tasks and job info, implements real-time...

Coolfire 101:
Using Core to Stay Connected

Poor communication and limited visibility into work progress can leave you feeling frustrated and out of sync with your mobile teams and business. Now there’s a better way to work together. Communicate in real-time and stay up to date with detailed tasking, workflow,...

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