Company Values

Our values are defined by us, because they define us. They guide us, what we do, and who we hire.

Us before me.

This is not a solo production. We are one team. We celebrate and bring out the best in each other, so that we can all succeed. After all, Coolfire’s success is triumph for all of us.

Do what's right.

Keep it real, and keep it kind. Be honest with yourself and the team. Show respect to every person, and lead by good example.


Listen to understand.

Self-awareness allows us to listen to others free of assumptions and judgment. And it enables us to listen with openness and an empathetic ear. This builds trust, creates connections, and strengthens teams.

Take ownership.

Take care of Coolfire and our customers. Acknowledge and assume responsibility for efforts and decisions, and encourage our teammates to do the same.

Continuous improvement.

Embrace change. Drive change. Innovation cannot exist without change. We strive to enrich the lives of our teammates, and deliver the best value to our customers, by continuously enhancing quality and efficiency in our product(s) and processes.

Work hard and stay humble.

It takes vulnerability to speak up, ask for help, or admit failure; it takes perseverance to try again. Set goals and endeavor to achieve them. We don’t avoid challenges, we conquer them. Together.

Be present.

Give full attention to the needs of each moment. At work, we give our all and focus on our work. At home, we leave work matters behind and focus on our personal lives. We believe in a work environment that supports flexibility and empowers responsible freedom, so that our professional and personal lives may exist harmoniously.

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