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Better Manage Your Distributed Teams to Win in the Field

Field service managers face several unique challenges in controlling their operations. Verifying completed work, knowing which workers are where, prioritizing tasks, responding to emerging situations, and ensuring

How Coolfire Connects Employees, Managers, and Customers

Customers Want Updates. Managers Need Visibility. Collaboration Solutions Can Make It All Happen. You might remember a time before social media when the only way

The Future of Collaborative Logistics: Infographic

Traditionally, logistics operations have relied on manual processes to coordinate their supply chains, creating blind spots that lead to data silos and lost efficiency. This

Cut Down on Chat Time and Spur Your Team Into Action

What many companies consider their best collaboration tools are simply chat platforms. In 2013, about 1% of the 5.5 hours employees spent on a screen

Take Control of the Supply Chain With Collaborative Logistics Technology

Why does the last mile of the supply chain account for nearly 55% of total shipping costs and waste a disproportionate amount of time? Because it’s difficult

Reduce Last Mile Delivery Costs With Shared Access to Real-Time Data

In a world increasingly obsessed with e-commerce and highly dependent on seamless logistics, it’s imperative to solve the last mile delivery problem. It’s the trickiest

Going Beyond Chat Channels: How to Use Technology to Improve Operational Efficiency

In Coolfire’s early days, we created communication software for the military. Our software brought situational awareness to soldiers on the battlefield, providing them with constant

How Collaborative Logistics Will Help Companies Create Visibility, Mobility, and Agility

New collaborative logistics technology is giving companies real-time data that enables constant communication and a common operational picture. Here’s how.

Want More Control Over Your Supply Chain? Here’s How Collaborative Logistics Can Help.

Do you want more control over your supply chain? Here’s how collaborative logistics can help.

With Sessions, Your Teams Can Stop Chatting and Start Working Efficiently

To improve operational effectiveness, organizations are investing in collaboration tools. Here’s how Sessions provides a space for communication and work. 

3 Tactics to Maintain Operational Visibility During a Crisis

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to a work-from-home setup overnight. This poses challenges in terms of duplicated work. Here’s how to avoid that.

Is Your Business Struggling to Stay Agile While Remote? Here’s What to Do.

Above all else, being agile in business requires two things: speed and flexibility. Agile businesses expect change; they adapt quickly and effectively. Today, agility is what it