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What is Workstream Collaboration?

Don’t let outdated communication solutions hold your company back — workstream collaboration tools can enable efficiency and transform how you do business. 

Managing Crises with Awareness, Control, and Response

Effective crisis management depends on optimal communication. That means focusing on awareness, control, and response.

Enterprises Are Bleeding Young Talent Because Their Software Stinks

Internal software can make or break enterprises, so why do so few invest in the tools that their teams need to deliver strategic value?

CIOs Aren’t Willing to Settle for Repackaged Consumer Technology

As repackaged consumer apps invade the enterprise, CIOs are turning to bespoke workstream collaboration tools to meet their specific needs.

What Is The Difference Between IT And OT?

https://www.coolfiresolutions.com/blog/big-data-small-data/As emerging technology brings operational hardware online, the distinction between IT and OT is blurring — but what’s the difference in the first place?

The Real Real-Time

“Real-time” doesn’t mean today, this hour, this minute, or even this second — the real thing is instantaneous — and it’s poised to transform the

Is Tech Integration The Answer To Transportation Security Issues?

Transportation security has emerged as a top priority for logistics providers and transportation companies as e-commerce demand places greater strains on the industry.

How To Fix The Disconnect Between Alert And Action

Public safety officials don’t have to choose between well-informed decisions and rapid response times. Real-time Situational awareness platforms make it possible to achieve both.

Smart City Initiatives: Where’s The ROI?

Measuring ROI against smart city projects is difficult but not impossible. Here’s how city planners are crunching the numbers to acquire (and allocate) funding.

What Is Situational Awareness?

Situational awareness plays a crucial role across a variety of industries, from military to public safety and transportation — but what exactly is it?