Delivering a Common Operational Picture

RONIN SA is a lightweight system of hardware and software built to assist in creating a common operational picture. RONIN SA connects dismounted users and HQ alike with assets such as air and ground sensors, and network services such as communications.

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The Ronin Platform integrates enterprise data and services into an application engine capable of creating Situational Awareness for the individual and providing a Common Operational Picture for teams.


  • Single interface for multi-vendor radios e.g. Codan, Motorola
  • Wireless Bluetooth interface to radios
  • Collaborative SA, data, chat
  • Server-based capability
  • Supports multiple languages such as English and Russian

AEWE 2019 Ronin Platform participated in US Army AEWE 2019. AEWE is a Live experimentation strategy and conducted annually by the Army’s Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE) Maneuver Battle Lab in Fort Benning, Georgia.

RONIN Provides SA, Sensors & Data Communications on an Android-based Tablet.

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Our Field Experts

Andy Sheppard
General Manager, Government Operations
British Army – Royal Corps of Signals, Former

Hector Michaud III  
Enterprise Account Manager, DOD
US Army Special Forces, Retired