Delivering a Common Operational Picture to the Tactical Edge

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Coolfire has created a lightweight system to deliver a common operational picture. Coolfire connects dismounted users and HQ alike with a suite of communication and asset services.

Command, Control, and Communications (C3) applications delivering real-time SA

Enable commanders and deployed teams to create a Common Operational Picture (COP) to meaningfully assess, share and act upon relevant information–instantly. Coolfire offers Coolfire Core for strategic users and operations and the RONIN SA system for tactical level users.

RONIN SA for Government Use

RONIN SA is a server-based (“On-Prem”) application that connects warfighters to sensors, information systems, and each other while operating at the tactical edge. RONIN places data, location, and status at a user’s fingertips to enhance decision-making and allow tactical users to share their situational awareness data with each other to create a common operational picture. It can also interoperate with other SA platforms, e.g., Nett Warrior/ATAK, where PLI/CoT information can be shared seamlessly across applications.

Coolfire Core in Government Applications

Coolfire Core is a cloud-based application for use across public and private-secure, strategic networks. Core creates real-time SA and a common operational picture between command levels and HQ. Coolfire Core supports customization for the end-users’ mission and CONOPs using user-defined ‘Sessions’ for strategic and logistics-type operations.

Connect systems, sensors, and soldiers to a single common operating picture.

The RONIN SA Platform connects systems, sensors, and soldiers to create a single common operating picture to enable:


  • Visualize, overlay, and fuse data from several sources to create new insights.
  • Shares critical data, location, and telestration through a real-time Common Operating Picture (COP) between commanders and deployed tactical teams.
  • Provides a secure and robust communications architecture that can use chat, voice, and other tools.


  • Normalizes disparate devices and networks, enabling radio, cellular, and network users to communicate seamlessly.
  • Provides a secure and robust communications architecture that can use chat, voice, and other tools.
  • Equipped with modules that visualize mapping, integration of external services, communication, and collaboration.


  • Provides a single, shared common operational picture synthesizing all situational awareness between commanders and deployed tactical teams.
  • Data put into a geospatial context
  • Streams video and other sensor data


  • Integration to legacy systems and technologies to enhance their value by extending them to tactical users and units
  • Extends existing infrastructure and data sources from strategic to tactical levels according to mission needs
  • Integration to Getac MX50 and Samsung S9 Tactical devices supports nonrooting technology to fulfill information Assurance (IA) (NIAP CsfC certified) and data-at-rest requirements.
  • Connects third-party assets and technologies seamlessly (e.g., sensors, devices, radios, legacy software, etc.).

Coolfire’s RONIN Integrates With Nett Warrior/ATAK To Support Expeditionary Operations At AEWE 2019

Coolfire is a trusted provider of Situational Awareness (SA) software, capable of aggregating data, workflows, and communications into a single pane of glass. Their public sector product, RONIN SA, is part of domestic and international defense contracts to improve border security. Earlier this year, Coolfire was selected by the US DoD to support the 2019 Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiments (AEWE 2019) at Fort Benning.

Coolfire @ AEWE 2019

The Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE) is the U.S. Army’s premier tactical level, experimentation event. AEWE is a live test conducted annually by the Army’s Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE) Maneuver Battle Lab in Fort Benning, Georgia. AEWE Coolfire’s RONIN SA participated in the event and demonstrated interoperability with Nett Warrior/ATAK and information exchange between U.S., Australian and British Brigade Combat Team (BCT) components. Read Coolfire AEWE 2019 Press Release

Benefits of Coolfire’s SA systems

Coolfire Core and RONIN SA connect systems, sensors, and teams to create a single common operating picture. 

True Situational Awareness

Responding units evaluate environmental conditions and activities as they approach the response area–providing critical “advance eyes” on a mission.

Ops Coordination

Ground users and units to communicate, coordinate, and react to threats/incidents in real-time. 

Shared COP

A shared common operational picture allows central command to monitor and/or exert effective command-and-control over an active incident. 

Real-time Comms

Responding units communicate and coordinate a response via mobile devices–before, during, and after the threat.

ATAK Interoperability

Interoperability to ATAK and seamless operation through a wide variety of radio systems

Native Language Support

RONIN SA offers full native language support including, Spanish, Russian, English, and other languages according to mission need.

“Coolfire Core is mission critical for our operations. We depend on them during life and death scenarios. Thankfully, they are there when we need them most.“

Hemmersbach Rhino Force

Anti-Poaching Organization, South Africa

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