Coordinating Teams and Work for Real-time Operations

Coolfire connects teams to improve operational productivity and ensure effective collaboration around critical events.

Public Safety & Security

Awareness, Control, and Response

Collaborative security solution to deliver real-time data, seamless communication, and asset tracking to strengthen how security teams monitor their environments, assess threats, and efficiently manage their responses to critical events.

Public Safety Use Cases


Transportation & Logistics

Delivering Collaborative Logistics

Coolfire’s collaboration technology creates real-time connections between people, assets, and data to improve delivery accuracy and efficiency. Coolfire delivers a common operational picture that enables the driver, warehouse, central command, partner, and customer to collaborate around orchestrated tasks and status updates.

Transportation Use Cases


Government & Military

Common Operational Picture

Coolfire has developed a lightweight system that utilizes existing hardware and software to deliver a common operational picture for police, military, and security operations. U.S. DoD-approved, Coolfire connects dismounted users and headquarters alike with assets such as air and ground sensors, surveillance and communication systems for true, secure situational awareness among all stakeholders.

Government Use Cases


Smart Cities & Local Government

For a Sustainable Future

Coolfire connects emergency response, traffic control, mass transit, utilities, and other municipal systems to make critical public services more responsive, efficient and cost-effective for city businesses and residents. Building upon a city’s current IT infrastructure, Coolfire makes it possible for cities of all sizes to use smart technology to make their community a more outstanding place to live, work and play.

Smart City Use Cases


Additional Industries

Read more common use cases and applications for the Coolfire technology. Contact us to learn how the tech customizes around workflows, teams and tasks.

Deliver elite-level customer service when your staff knows of real-time events that can impact guest experience. Connect the entire team to create a collaborative environment to deliver an impeccable customer experience.
Oil & Gas
Manage and orchestrate cross-functional teams for on-demand event response to minimize downtime and maximize throughput. Provide connected teams access to critical systems and IoT sensor data to streamline operational workflows and tasks.
Coordinate operations teams from the field to HQ to respond to planned and unplanned events. Connect cross-functional teams to the people, process, and tools they need to efficiently execute their workflow.
Work Sites
Orchestrate teams, tools, and materials across vast areas. Bringing teams and data into a common operational picture allows for teams to coordinate tasks and workflows for frictionless execution. Improved visibility into the status and location of tools and assets improves a team's ability to collaborate.
Higher Education
Alert, control and respond to campus events faster. Connect cross-departmental teams into a common collaboration system to ensure efficient resolution to operational and security events. A connected campus can alert security personnel of suspicious activity, task maintenance for assistance, or notify students of updated bus schedules - as an example.
Coordinate events within the retail space. Whether it's moving goods from store to store, connecting vendors to desired store workflows, or alerting maintenance contractors when an item is in need of repair - a connected workforce is key.
Field Service Operations
Connect field teams to cross-functional teams at HQ or third-party vendors. Orchestrate field service teams to minimize their windshield time and ensure they have the right tools, materials, and specialization to execute a job.
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