Delivering a Common Operational Picture

From sensor to soldier

Coolfire has created a lightweight system of hardware and software to deliver a common operational picture. Coolfire connects dismounted users and HQ alike with network services such as communications and assets.

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Coolfire’s RONIN Integrates With Nett Warrior/ATAK To Support Expeditionary Operations At AEWE 2019

Read Coolfire AEWE 2019 Press Release

Update: 22 November 2019

The Army Expeditionary Warrior Experiment (AEWE) is the U.S. Army’s premier tactical level, experimentation event. AEWE is a live test conducted annually by the Army’s Maneuver Center of Excellence (MCoE) Maneuver Battle Lab in Fort Benning, Georgia. AEWE Coolfire’s RONIN SA participated in the event and demonstrated interoperability with Nett Warrior/ATAK and information exchange between U.S., Australian and British Brigade Combat Team (BCT) components. Read Coolfire AEWE 2019 Press Release

Benefits of Coolfire

By developing a lightweight system that utilizes existing hardware and software, Coolfire provides police, military and security forces with a common operational picture. U.S. DoD-approved, Coolfire connects operational headquarters and dismounted users with surveillance and communication systems, air and ground sensors, and other deployed assets. The result is true, secure situational awareness for all stakeholders.

Single interface for multi-vendor radios e.g. Codan, Motorola
Wireless Bluetooth interface to radios
Collaborative SA, data, chat with server-based capability
Supports multiple languages such as English, Spanish, and Russian

True Situational Awareness

Connects warfighters to sensors, information systems and each other while operating at the tactical edge. Coolfire’s core technology places data, location, and status at a user’s fingertips to enhance decision-making and improve operations. Users share their situational awareness data with teammates to create a common operational picture and execute with precision.

Real-Time Communications

Deliver a unified, real-time picture of operations to every user in the system, from Headquarters to the warfighter. Coolfire provides an environment for aggregating data from multiple sources, unifying communications and visualizing everything in a user-friendly experience. Information can flow up and down, ensuring the right data is in the right hands, in real-time.

RONIN SA participates in AEWE 20a9

Enhance Existing Systems

Originally designed for special operation units, Coolfire was built to work in the toughest conditions with a wide variety of networks.

  • Supports commercial-off-the-shelf mobile devices and is fully integrated to the Getac MX50.
  • Coolfire’s RONIN SA solution and Getac MX50 platform are non-root dependent and support Information Assurance (IA) (NIAP CsfC certified) and data-at-rest requirements.
  • MX50 is IP67, MIL-STD-810G and MIL-STD-461G certified.
  • Hardware and mounting devices support body-worn, vehicle and dismounted options.
  • Can support tethered or wireless connections with radios and SATCOM.

Command & Control

By leveraging a common operational picture approach, provide a Command, Control, and Communication (C3) system that enables coordination from the battlefield to higher headquarters. Coolfire supplies all the necessary tools to coordinate an appropriate response on the battlefield.

  • Sensor-to-soldier connectivity through deployed border sites and command centers.
  • Tasking information is sent from respective command centers to ground patrols via the SA application for the intercept and detainment of designated targets and subjects.
  • COP capability for deployed ground patrols and commanders with the ability to provide a complete theater COP for higher echelon command centers

Common Use Cases

Border Security

Secure borders are necessary to interdict human trafficking, drug smuggling and terrorist infiltration. Utilized by U.S. allies around the world, Coolfire provides a comprehensive, yet flexible, solution for securing national borders. By integrating multiple systems for surveillance, communication, and resource deployment, Coolfire improves the efficacy of border security operations.

Perimeter Security

Coordinate communications at the edge of operations. Coolfire can help preserve perimeter security at government offices, military bases, embassies, annex buildings, and correctional facilities. Coolfire provides a cohesive system that integrates video surveillance, air and ground sensors, facial recognition technology, and mobile communication devices for a common operational picture.

Asset Management

The items you need, systematically deployed where and when you need them. Coolfire integrates data from multiple systems to aid in military and government logistics with the secure management and transport of materiel, equipment, and supplies. With Coolfire, personnel can locate, determine status, and fine-tune timelines for equipment maintenance in order to expedite resource response for critical events.

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