SOFIC Innovation Showcase: Coolfire Solutions

May 16, 2017

In modern Military operations, there is no lack of data. The problem is that data typically resides in a Command Center – not in the hands of the actual Warfighter. Huge investments in powerful networks, data analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT) don’t do enough to directly impact soldiers on the ground. Ronin was engineered as a flexible, customizable mobile-first software platform to bridge this divide by aggregating, synthesizing and ultimately mobilizing these existing investments. It is designed to pull together information from multiple sources
GS, UAV, Medical sensors and even other SA systems, and present them in an easy to understand view of the world. Using commercial off-the-shelf mobile technology, CFS’ Ronin Platform provides a simple, open standards solution that connects the Warfighter, assets and information
cross any platform, leveraging data from any source, across any device, environment or network in real-time, providing situational awareness from Ops Center the Tactical edge.