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Coolfire Solutions partners with the most innovative companies to rapidly build transformative solutions. Learn how our partner program can accelerate your business.

Our flexible and scalable platform reduces the time to develop and deliver transformational solutions.

Innovative companies across multiple industries are implementing Ronin-based solutions.


FPO Copy – Why Start with Ronin?

FPO Copy – One Platform….Limitless Possibilities
FPO Copy – Mass amounts of data have the power to revolutionize every industry. The key is bringing together and making that data easily actionable. Companies that don’t act will fall to the back of the pack or worse…fade into irrelevance.
The Ronin Platform presents a unique approach to turn data into action which has already revolutionized the Rental Car business while capturing interest across numerous industries including Public Safety, Physical Security, Transportation & Supply Chain, Field Service Management, Retail, Manufacturing, Smart Cities, and the Military.

Benefits of Building with Ronin

As a Coolfire Solutions partner, you have access to the full capabilities of the Ronin Platform to accelerate your next project. When building with Ronin, you are able to deliver more value, faster, and with less risk.

Quick Deployment Scalable Platform Continuous Deployment
Start building impressive features that’ll impress your client on Day 1. The Ronin Platform helps you accelerate past the infrastructure design process by providing all of the necessary features you need to start creating your next big idea. The Ronin Platform architecture allows you to spin up or down the resources, you need to support your project. The same platform supports hundreds of use cases and hundreds of thousands of concurrent users. Our core development team follow a continuous integration, continuous delivery philosophy. This creates a stream of new and enhanced features for you to build on. Never forced, use them when you are ready.
No Rip-and-Replace Robust and Flexible Hands Off Maintenance
Ronin works with many existing environments to solve problems on the edge. The platform is powered by your existing data and can support new data streams. Ronin sits next to your existing investments, collects the data it needs and communicates back any changes. Ronin is a fully developed platform providing 80% of the required functionality out-of-the-box, and flexible enough to allow for 20% customization to cater solutions to specific use cases. Stop worrying about uptime monitoring, server upgrades, integration updates, etc. We have people to handle it. We operate at a 99.99% uptime and deploy code on your schedule, not ours.

Why Partners Choose Coolfire Solutions

You’re not alone in this journey. Our partner support team give you the tools, training, and resources needed to ensure long lasting relationship.

Boost Revenue Build Faster Leverage Our Experts
One platform, multiple use cases. Grow your customer accounts by creating additional value on a single platform. Build POCs faster with Ronin. Excite your prospects and close deals faster by showing a functioning demo Our team of experts live at the edge of innovation. Use their experiences to translate innovative ideas into practical digital transformation.
Technical Resources Enhance Tech Portfolio Training Program
Access our technical support docs, chat with our technical support team, or engage a sales engineer to help bring ideas to life. Ronin’s event-driven architecture is a powerful solution for your toolbox. Efficiently build edge computing apps without the overhead. Our onboarding program gets your team up to speed and our ongoing education sessions keep you there.

Types of Partners

Reseller Partner Strategic Alliance Partner
Technology integrators, mobile developers, business process consultants, and industry experts. Reseller Partners address customer business and IT needs from development and implementation to integration and service. Ronin significantly decreases the time required to deliver ongoing solutions to customers. A select group of application, hardware, and technology companies that build upon our platform to generate a wide range of powerful solutions. Strategic Alliance Partners build a unique solution in which Ronin is core element and are often sold under a private label. Strategic Partners must meet a rigourous standard.


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