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Rapidly deploy collaboration experiences that benefit you and your customers. Coolfire partners build solutions that help people around the world get more done, faster.

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Learn how Coolfire’s patented tech has helped partners big and small find success.

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Why Partners Choose Coolfire

Sitting at the intersection of IoT, digital transformations, and workstream collaboration, Coolfire provides partners with a unique offering. Coolfire’s patented technology gives partners differentiated solutions, scalable technology, and the tools to build long-lasting relationships.

Boost Revenue

Coolfire’s flexible technology delivers solutions on multiple fronts. Partners deploy highly-tailored solutions to address numerous use cases with a single platform.

Build Faster

Build POCs and MVPs faster with Coolfire Core. Excite your prospects and close deals more quickly by showing functioning, scalable demos.

Sticky Solutions

After solving the first pain point, Coolfire Core extends to address additional challenges. Customers using Coolfire get inspired and proactively identify more use cases.

Technical Expertise

Access our dev docs, chat with our technical support team, or engage a sales engineer to help bring ideas to life. Leverage our experience to build your innovative solution.

Enhance Your Portfolio

Extend your product suite, build add-ons for your tech, or devise an entirely new solution with Coolfire. Partners have created entirely new business models using our tech.

Joint Opportunities

We actively invest in the success of our partners. Coolfire promotes partners, build joint marketing materials, as well as co-host events to help generate new business.

About Coolfire Core

Coolfire Core lets you rapidly deploy scalable collaboration workspaces, wherever the people are working.

Coolfire Core is a collaborative workspace that seamlessly connects teams in the field to the people, processes, and information they need to get work done. Core gives the worker access to tools, system data, and visibility into the location of people and assets.

Designed to support the way people naturally work together, Core allows remote collaboration around tasks and workflows, providing total visibility into daily operations.

As the name implies, Core sits at the heart of an organization and helps companies get things done.

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Our Ecosystem

Commercial Partners

RKV Technologies is a premier provider of information technology solutions for businesses and governments.
As a system Integrator, Rumble IoT focuses on architecting and deploying end-to-end IoT solutions to improve business performance.
Smart City Internet of Things Innovation (SCITI) Labs initiative leverages cutting-edge Smart City and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to deliver new capabilities to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) components and to enhance public safety in communities across the country.
Technology Partners provides flexible, scalable, cost-effective, efficient, and productive IT solutions.
PCSC is a leading designer and manufacturer of access control products, mobile, cloud, and high-security solutions.
Wavelabs is an AI-First, new-age Technology company for the Digital, Cognitive & Industry 4.0 Era. They offer solutions to optimize every aspect of a company's technology evolution and business process.

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Let one of our partners help you plan, build, and deploy. Coolfire will match you with the best partner for the job.

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Military Partners

Tolana Logo

“Workstream collaboration market will reach $4.9 billion by 2021; by 2022, 70% of teams will rely primarily on workstream collaboration tools to get their work done every day.”

Types of Partners

Coolfire offers a variety of partnership opportunities. If you lead an innovative team or technology, we want to talk. To get you started, here are the most common ways partners engage us.

Reseller Partner

Combine your domain expertise with our technology to deliver robust solutions for your customers. System integrators, consultants, and custom dev shops benefit from this level of support.

Strategic Alliance

A select group of partners building a unique, private-label solution may qualify for a strategic alliance. Let’s talk and create something special together.

Technology Partner

Software and hardware companies that seamlessly integrate with Coolfire to extend the power of both products. Our dev team supports you through the integration process.

Government & Military Partner

Use Coolfire to connect disparate technologies and close requirement gaps to deliver a single end government solution. Our government team assists with solution design, build, and support.

How To Partner

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Contact a Partner Support Representative at partners@coolfiresolutions.com


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Technology Partners & Integrations

Coolfire Core is open source, open standards, and documented API to make building your solutions easy. Access our dev documentation to learn more about what’s possible.