Coolfire Solutions partners with innovative companies to rapidly build transformative solutions on the Ronin Platform. If you are an innovator wanting to quickly execute a big idea,
learn how the Coolfire Solutions Partner Program can accelerate your business.

Unlock countless real-time operations use cases with the Ronin Platform.

Scalable enough to tackle the biggest digital transformation challenges, and flexible enough to adapt to the unique workflows in any industry or application.
Innovative companies across multiple industries are implementing Ronin-based solutions.

“By 2020, event-sourced, real-time situational awareness will be a required characteristic for 80% of digital business solutions.”
-Gartner, Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2018

One Platform…Limitless Possibilities

The Ronin Platform presents a unique approach to turn data into action which has already revolutionized the rental car business while capturing interest across numerous industries including Public Safety, Physical Security, Transportation & Supply Chain, Field Service Management, Retail, Manufacturing, Smart Cities, and the Military.

Ronin is an open standards-based, data agnostic, device-agnostic platform that leverages the infrastructure and data which organizations already possess to create a common operational picture, support event-driven applications, and deliver true situational awareness.

“40% of large enterprises will be integrating edge computing principles into their 2021 projects, up from less than 1% in 2017.”
-Gartner, Thomas Bittman, December 2017
Sitting at the intersection of Big Data, IoT, and Digital Transformation, while delivering on the promise of event-driven applications, Ronin positions Partners to have relevant conversations with customers while providing the underlying functionality to deliver rapid results. Coolfire is committed to Partners, possessing a partner support team dedicated to providing you the tools, training, and resources to ensure a long-lasting, successful relationship.
Boost Revenue

Execute multiple use cases on a single platform. Differentiated go-to-market messaging.  Solve challenges most organizations have, even if they don’t know it yet. Educating and consulting with customers versus force feeding them point solutions earns you trusted advisor status–and more business.

Sticky Solution

Define and solve one pain point to start, then expand revenue opportunities by solving additional customer problems. Customers using Ronin get inspired and proactively identify additional use cases for the platform to solve. Ask our friends at Enterprise Rent-A-Car.

Enhance Tech Portfolio

Ronin’s open approach to integration and event-driven capabilities puts a powerful solution in your toolbox. Efficiently build modern real-time applications that “wow” clients with ease.

Build Faster

Building responsive apps that operate in true real-time is hard–Ronin makes it simple. Build POCs and MVPs faster with Ronin. Excite your prospects and close deals faster by showing functioning demos that scale and respond.

Technical Resources & Expertise

Access our technical support docs, chat with our technical support team, or engage a sales engineer to help bring ideas to life.  Use our experiences to translate innovative ideas into Ronin-powered solutions.

Training Program

Our onboarding program gets your team quickly up to speed and our ongoing education program keeps them there.

Reseller Partner

Reseller Partners help customers meet challenges by combining domain expertise with a full range of consultation, development, implementation, and support services to ensure the success of customized Ronin deployments.  Our Resellers can help organizations at every step of the process to harness Ronin to its full potential.

    Ideal for:

  • Systems integrators
  • Digital transformation agencies
  • Custom software development shops
  • Mobile developers
  • Business process consultants
  • Industry experts

Strategic Alliance Partner

A select group of service providers, application, hardware, and technology companies that build upon the Ronin Platform to generate a wide range of powerful solutions. Strategic Alliance Partners build a unique, private label solution in which Ronin is a core element.  Ranging from vertical-specific point solutions to unique combinations of hardware & software which apply to multiple verticals, the possibilities are limitless. Have a big idea you think Ronin would allow you to rapidly bring to market? Want a Ronin sandbox instance to play with?  Let’s talk and build something special together.

Technology Partner

Coolfire partners with leading hardware and software companies to ensure customers can more easily integrate their existing devices, systems, and data with their Ronin-powered solutions.  Developer access & support, cross-promotional opportunities, early access to technology innovations, and more are available to registered Technology Partners.


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Brandon Fuhr  
Director, Channel Programs