Real-Time Awareness, Control, and Response for Public Safety

Improve environment monitoring, threat assessment, and critical event response

Public Safety Use Cases

Coolfire delivers real-time data, asset tracking, and seamless communication with a coordinated solution that improves how security teams can monitor environments, assess threats, and effectively respond to critical events.

Common Operational Picture
Improve Situational Awareness
Multi-Team Collaboration
Coordinated Response

First Responders

Be fully prepared for serious incidents. By integrating communications among all first responders, Coolfire assists police, fire, and EMTs working together in response to emergencies and critical events. Coolfire connects multiple sensors, notification systems, and legacy platforms, generating a common operational picture for seamless collaboration that improves situational awareness and response times.

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Neighborhood Security

Business owners, residents, and local police can team up to make Community Policing more effective and efficient with Coolfire. Communication among security teams, central command, and local citizens is simplified, keeping officers and the community safer. Coolfire turns data into heat maps for identifying areas needing more policing, provides targeted situational awareness to improve safety, and acts as a force multiplier, helping security teams patrol more effectively.

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Venue Security

Venues and multi-floored buildings are a challenge for first responders. They enter dangerous settings without a full understanding of available exits, structural layout, and locations of employees. Coolfire provides 3-D mapping capabilities to deliver first responders critical information such as the location of stairs, exits, cameras, and fire extinguishers.

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Common Operational Picture

For security teams, a common operational picture is essential for command and control during critical events. Coolfire can unite data streams together to heighten situational awareness and deliver actionable intelligence in real-time. By coordinating communication between command centers and personnel, Coolfire helps security personnel neutralize threats and strategically deploy assets to safeguard people and property.

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