Coolfire Taking It To The Last Mile With Ready Set


Coolfire has been an invaluable partner in our critical journey to automate tracking, visibility, and collaboration for last-mile logistics. They have been diligent with deadlines, adaptable to changing requirements, and always receptive to refining their platform so it works to ensure our ongoing success.

Gary Vinson

CFO/COO, Ready Set

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Ready Set’s Situation:
This distinctive startup specializes in “last mile” delivery services for flowers and food with a major twist in the road: the concept of last mile delivery has been sizably expanded by Ready Set to include a 50-mile radius—a distance far greater than all other metropolitan last mile logistics providers such as DoorDash, Grubhub, and Postmates which normally only cover a fractional 10–15-mile radius. The idea was to “make the net bigger to catch the fish” according to Ready Set.

Coolfire’s Challenge:
For Ready Set, some of the specific workstream challenges and pain points that required a
robust solution included the following:



Ability to give brokerages visibility into their deliveries so they can effectively communicate with their customers


Real-time ETA and updating for end-customers awaiting status of their deliveries

Communication of delays to end-customers to reduce frustration

Use of GPS tracking for deliveries from start to finish

Capability to schedule multiple pick-up and drop-off locations

Enhanced two-way communication with delivery drivers including route adjustments

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Ready Set—a high-end logistics provider—based in the San Francisco Bay Area with other locations in Sacramento, Atlanta, Austin, and New Orleans began full operations in February 2019. Expected growth to other major U.S. markets beginning in early 2022
Currently, Ready Set has 150-200 executives, staff, and drivers handling a volume of roughly 400+ deliveries per day with its highest concentration in the flower market. Their business model generally involves working with large, nationally recognized
brokerages for flowers and food such as FTD, 1-800-Flowers, and Foodee.

Because Ready Set is obsessively client-focused they will only work with a handful of these top brokerages or carefully vetted direct clients to ensure the highest quality and reliability of products for a secure chain of custody to the end customer. To be considered, direct clients must have more than 10 big orders per week or more than 5 locations in major areas.

Food deliveries for Ready Set typically range from 25-1,200 people at a time for large organizations like Google or Microsoft in the Silicon Valley area. Aside from catered food and traditional flower deliveries, Ready Set also works with high-end floral designers specializing in creative works of art. These delicate arrangements need to be maintained and kept in a preserved condition until arrival at their final destination.

Upgrading workflows with mission-critical information to track delivery drivers in real-time

Ready Set selected Coolfire Core’s innovative collaboration software to improve communication for delivery drivers and important stakeholder. With Coolfire Core, Ready Set has complete visibility to connect teams to the people, processes, and information they need to work together in real-time.

After the kick-off, the Coolfire team immediately went into action to develop an integrated app to address all the major challenges that Ready Set had been experiencing. The Coolfire platform—which was already GPS enabled—was set up to track delivery drivers in real-time and allow other important stakeholders, such as the brokerages, to have complete visibility into the entire process. The app makes use of geofences, triggers, and automated actions that show when a driver is arriving and leaving from different locations using a GPS pin.

Coolfire’s platform was developed to accurately calculate ETAs in real-time using an effective algorithm to determine on-time and late statuses. Multiple stops for pick-ups and drop-offs were added to the mapping function that included the ability to manually organize a route for real-time adjustments as needed. The app also enabled drivers to easily communicate any issues back up the chain using Coolfire’s built-in chat function. Ready Set was also able to
switch drivers after a route started while seeing an overview of all drivers in real-time— something they were unable to do before.

How Coolfire enables real-time response

With Coolfire Core, Ready Set can accurately calculate ETAs in real-time
using an effective algorithm to determine on-time and late statuses. Multiple stops
for pick-ups and drop-offs were added to the mapping function that included the
ability to manually organize a route for real-time adjustments as needed.

Teams can coordinate activity ahead of ambushes and detainment efforts.

Users can react quickly and make informed decisions with situational data, location, and status at their fingertips.

Users can easily upload multiple pictures without any transmission issues, stretching or skewing of pictures, and unintended replacements of pictures already saved

Looking Towards the Future

Looking down the road, Ready Set has plans to move into other metropolitan markets and to expand their delivery operations to include pharmaceuticals. To make that happen, they are currently focused on getting their drivers certified under the federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  Coolfire will be working with them to make sure all requirements are met or exceeded.

Coolfire provides core and enterprise-level solutions that make it easier for teams on the move to stay connected to the critical information they need to effectively do their jobs. We help people, teams, and businesses get their work done better, faster, and easier.