Coolfire Helps Hemmersbach Rhino Force Prevent Poaching Of African Rhinos

“Coolfire Core is mission-critical for our operations. We depend on them during life and death scenarios. Thankfully, they are there when we need them most.“

Hemmersbach Rhino Force
Anti-Poaching Organization, South Africa

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Coolfire usage results:
“Coolfire technology helped us identify dozens of security breaches in 2020.”

Coolfire usage results:



Real-time information sharing

Common operational picture

Mapping and navigation

Easy-to-use mobile apps

Hemmersbach Rhino Force combats poaching of the African rhinoceros, one of the most endangered species on the planet. Based in South Africa and Zimbabwe where 80% of rhinos live, their armed rangers make up the strongest rhino conservation army in Southern Africa.

Rhino Force deploys military-grade technology to track poaching threats and illegal activities, preemptively warning rangers patrolling an area of almost 200,000 acres.

In recent years, poaching syndicates and gangs have become increasingly sophisticated and adopted new methods to avoid detection, like using helicopters and night vision equipment to track rhinos. This has led to record levels of poaching activity. To deter criminal activity, Rhino Force must have real-time oversight of potential security breaches to coordinate quick response with teams of rangers on the ground.


Lack of situational awareness, with no way to send advance warnings or sync communication to secure large perimeters


Disparate systems and dependency on radio and cellular technology



Coordinated response with command centers and deployed rangers sharing a real-time Common Operating Picture


Seamless integration on mobile and desktop devices

Upgrading situational awareness with mission-critical information to prevent poaching

Rhino Force selected Coolfire Core’s innovative collaboration software to improve communication and to coordinate threat response efforts in the region. With Coolfire Core, Rhino Force has complete situational awareness to respond to poaching threats.

Rangers in the field can evaluate environmental conditions as they approach a response area. Command centers can track ranger locations, communicate in real time, and provide updated mission status directly into their phones. And command centers and deployed teams share a single source of truth for mission-critical information.

How Coolfire enables real-time response

With Coolfire Core, Rhino Force can access information from sensors and internal systems and communicate across teams in real time.

Teams can coordinate activity ahead of ambushes and detainment efforts.

Command centers can track ranger locations and status in real time, improving team coordination and providing visibility into dangerous situations.

Rangers can react quickly and make informed decisions with situational data, location, and status at their fingertips.

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