Making Smart Cities Even Smarter

Connecting systems, sensors, and services to better your communities

Top Smart City Use Cases

Coolfire connects emergency response, utilities, mass transit, traffic control, and other municipal systems to make critical public services more efficient, responsive, and cost-effective.

Common Operational Picture
Teams work with the same real-time data to make faster decisions
Collaborative Operations
Coordinate workflows across teams and departments to get the job done
Coordinated Response
Share real-time event information and execute with precision
Connected Community
Engage employees, citizens, and city hall to collaborate and share real-time info.

Smart First Responders

A coordinated effort can save lives. With Coolfire, smart cities can connect first responders, sensors, notification systems, and legacy platforms to generate a common operational picture. Seamless collaboration allows agencies to expedite and unify their response to potential threats and emergency situations

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Smart Utilities

There’s power in synchronization. By connecting public and privately-owned utilities with an integrated network, Coolfire uses the power of the Internet of Things (IoT) to monitor grid loads, survey water and sewer systems for breaks, and manage demand response to extreme weather events, keeping the lifeblood of your city pumping.

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Smart Lighting

Smart cities start with smart street lights. Smart lighting projects reduce energy consumption and enhance public safety for a relatively small investment and a quick payback. This makes smart lighting an ideal entry point for cities looking to build their integrated infrastructure. With Coolfire, smart cities can also leverage critical data from these smart technologies to make well-informed decisions to improve their cities

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Smart Government Services

Increase revenues and cut back on complaints. Coolfire can help you bring people and data together to coordinate your numerous city services and allocate resources more efficiently. In addition, Coolfire-based service integration can facilitate permitting, licensing, inspections, and code compliance programs to create a positive environment for business growth.

Smart Public Transit

Connecting transit teams with passengers can improve your services and increase ridership. By providing real-time collaboration among managers, drivers, and security personnel, Coolfire helps agencies monitor and respond to issues such as unexpected traffic, scheduling conflicts, and weather events to keep your system running smoothly. Coolfire can also connect your personnel to emergency responders who can take effective action in critical situations.


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