Collaboration for Transportation & Logistics

Connect people, data, and assets across the entire supply chain

Transportation & Logistics Use Cases

Connect teams of drivers, warehouse personnel, and customers to data and assets to provide a unified system for collaboration. With Coolfire, everyone stays informed of shipments, deliveries, and even potential interruptions in real-time. 

Seamless Communication
Keep everyone on the same page
Collaborative Logistics
Make decisions together
Real-Time Visibility
Track shipments in real-time
Desktop & Mobile
Connect from any location

Last Mile Logistics

Use seamless, communication, integrated data, and real-time operations visibility to plan more effectively and make the right data-driven decision in the final leg of delivery. Coolfire provides real-time asset tracking to help cross-functional teams keep drivers in compliance and customers up-to-date on delivery times. Coolfire can even help your company prevent out-of-stock situations that diminish customer satisfaction by dynamically re-routing drivers or shifting stock from nearby locations to ensure you meet customer demands.

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Dynamic Asset Tracking

By streamlining workflows, Coolfire helps transportation companies improve equipment management from procurement to retirement, and everything in between. Equipment and vehicles distributed across locations, departments, or teams can be tracked in real time. Asset managers, project managers, and their teams can see where and when assets are needed and by whom, keeping workflow and maintenance programs on schedule and improving customer service.

Fleet Management

Coolfire streamlines processes, helping fleet managers monitor and track vehicle locations, maintenance programs, driver performance, and regulatory compliance. By seamlessly connecting teams and enhancing communication, Coolfire improves operational efficiency so managers can maintain delivery and maintenance schedules.

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